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Media Planning

Still think that this process is just a waste of time? What if we tell you that with the help of media planning you can get twice more benefits than without it!

Wise media planning helps to determine the best channels for communication with the audience, the placement of the advertising message, the placement time, and the distribute of the available budget.

The main tool for developing a media plan is a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a buyer’s path from exploring a product or service to purchase.

Main tasks of media planning:

Analyzing the general situation on the market, target audience, competitors, advertising platforms
Planning the stages of promotional events
Predicting the result of activities
Defining time frames for each event
Selecting message distribution channels
Distributing the budget for each share
Concluding and adjusting promotional activities

The result of an advertising campaign depends on the choice of sites and distribution channels.

Much depends on the quality of media planning. Consider:

  • how many potential consumers the ad will reach
  • what will be the impact on them?
  • what amounts will be spent on advertising
  • how effective will these costs be

After everything is done, it is time to see how good your media plan was.

After media planning, we are aware of such indicators:

  • the number of clicks users turn out to be buyers or call the sales department depending on our goals;
  • cost per customer or micro-conversion;
  • advertising budget and its structure in the context of Yandex, Google sites, and additional channels.

Minimize Risks

Our main goal is not to test the effectiveness of advertising channels, but to get the maximum possible number of sales and brand-loyal customers. Therefore, you cannot choose a site at random, relying on luck. Also, you cannot focus only on the results of other companies. Before choosing a placement channel, conduct a thorough marketing analysis. If, according to the results of the analysis, 1-2 suitable sites were selected, add a few more similar ones to them. It’s better to use many small channels than to invest the entire budget in one large. Even a proven channel may not work, then you simply merge the budget. When there are many channels, there will certainly be those that will bring a good result.

It is important to maintain balance, spraying on a huge number of sites is also not worth it. The more channels of placement, the more time will be spent on preparing to advertise, tracking results, etc. This will result in lower quality.

Search for new opportunities

An item for those who can allocate part of the budget for experiments. This is the last thing to do when deciding on the main sites, so as not to drain the budget for nothing. Sometimes unexpected decisions bring a chic result. Therefore, periodically test new types of advertising, channels, placements, messages. Set aside 15-30% of the budget.

After each experiment, analyze the result – what mistakes were made, what kind of creative was used, what was done well.

What is more

A nice bonus of making a media plan is improving the general image of the company, that’s because a competent forecast tells competitors and investors about reliability, solvency, prestige.