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A perfect Project Manager: Who is this person?

The success of any project (creating a website, preparing and launching a new advertising campaign, etc.) always depends on the success of the team making it. And what kind of team this will be, what kind of relations will be in it, who will be responsible for what, etc. directly depends on the project manager. But sometimes this position is described so vaguely that it is not completely clear what all the same a person is engaged in who is called the two letters “PM”.

Project Manager is not responsible for everything, it is a person whospecializes in his field, namely in project management. The task of the RM is to build the process of work on the project with the available resources within the allocated budget, defined terms, and with the agreed quality. Competencies of the project manager:

Knowledge – what the manager knows about project management.

Execution – what the project manager can do or achieve by applying his knowledge of project management.

Personal qualities – how s/he behaves during the execution of a project or related activities.

What is project management?

The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and methods to meet the requirements of the project – this is project management. If translated into human language, the project manager is a person who can choose the right team for the project, and create normal working conditions for the team and not interfere. It turns out that project management is all that its leader/manager does to ensure that the project is completed on time, efficiently, and within budget.

What is important for PM?

  • To listen and to hear. This is a special skill. Sometimes we hear, but do not perceive, what has been said.
  • Proactivity. Project Manager is the person who needs it the most.
  • Do not wait for a favorable moment. It may not come. You just need to do your job. And yes, it is not easy.
  • Work on customer relationships. This is not something that will be built on its own. Respect your own work and teamwork.

PM works at the intersection of development and business. Most often, he does not have many powers, while he is fully responsible for the final result. Part of the tasks of the PM is a routine: day after day the project team and I work out the current list of tasks; we analyze how much we have advanced towards the final goal; what remains to be done today to advance as much as possible. There are also regular activities for planning, evaluating tasks, and accepting intermediate results.

In addition to regular work, there is work with changes and risks. The Internet industry is living very fast. The requirements change before the development manages to fully realize them. The idea of ​​the market is changing, the business model is changing. And in an environment of continuous change, you need to constantly keep in your head an integral picture of the world.


It is important, when comparing the new introductory with the available opportunities, to coordinate the changes in the picture of the world with all interested parties – and to ensure movement forward. It requires negotiator skills, charisma, authority, and a lot of patience.