Workout Trainer

01. Brief

The popularity of fitness and running apps and training platforms has been growing. Such a platform is a great solution that allows you to most effectively control activity, mass, calorie-burning, and it adds a game and competitive moment into the training process.

Our client asked us for assistance in creating Workout Trainer. With its help, users can draw up a personal training program for themselves, select the necessary exercises, program it to control weight and shape, and also visualize how to correctly perform this or that exercise.

02. Process

1 The main goals and objectives were determined.

The market was evaluated, the details were studied, and the cost of the application was determined. At this stage, the main task was to understand what the client wanted to get as a final result.

2 Planning stage.

The client’s market, competitors, target audience were studied. Information about the products was collected, the basic concept was developed. Analytical work was carried out at the planning stage.

3 Development and testing.

The designer was working on the appearance of a platform, considering the user experience and interface (UX / UI design). A prototype was created, and once approved, developers started writing code. The application was developed technically. Then it was tested and checked for errors.

4 The marketing plan was implemented.

Post-release support included creating updates, fixing bugs, handling customer feedback, and improving the app version. The main task was to improve the user experience considering the behavioral factors of the target audience.

03. Result

As a result, our client got a fully developed web version of the fitness program.

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