Bordo Group

Affiliate Platform

Client: NDA
Date: 2020 – 09 – 12
Services: UX/UI design, Web-Portal Development, Testing

01. Brief

Inspired by such great trading platforms as Amazon and eBay, our client decided to make her own marketplace and asked our team for assistance. Our Affiliate Platform is a website where a user can buy products from different suppliers. It is easy to make purchases on such trading platforms, as they are equipped with everything necessary to conclude transparent transactions.

We had to develop a trading platform to introduce buyers to suppliers and facilitate the exchange of goods.

02. Process

To understand the project from the inside, we worked closely with its product owner and learned how the client sees the future website.
The first thing we did was a detailed market analysis. The site was going to focus on people between 18 and 44 years old. At this stage, it was important to understand both prospective sellers and buyers to provide them with the desired features and user journey.

The website had to be able to handle heavy loads from different countries, that’s why the marketplace had to be powerful enough.
UX design was extremely important in online marketplaces. A beautiful interface is not enough anymore, users prefer websites that are as intuitive as possible and were built with their needs in mind.

We customized the platform according to our client’s request:

1 Registration for vendors. Vendors will have access to all functionality provided in your online marketplace. In marketplace software development, flawless user experience demands reliable and fast work and data processing of your service and integrations with sellers/users/vendors databases.

1 Payment option. Online Marketplace requires advanced payment functionality: payment system, ability to use credit cards, cash, PayPal, billing, and invoice operations.

3 Managing Listing. Sellers need to publish and manage their items. This is the question of the quality of the admin panel and the roles it provides on multiple levels.

03. Result

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