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Educational Platform

Client: NDA
Date: 2020 – 09 – 12
Services: Web design, UX/UI, Web Development, Testing

01. Idea

Our client wanted to create a website – a convenient and useful educational platform for online training on various topics. The client needed to determine which technologies work best for which kinds of students, and then to disseminate the results through a public web site through the educational platform.

The platform provides two critical functions: firstly, it provides a means for the best learning activities to diffuse. Both in schools and at home, teachers and parents can direct students to the learning activities that have the most impact.

Secondly, by providing rigorous and third-party evaluations, the platform provides a path to the marketplace for the developers of high-quality learning tools who can place their learning materials and tools on the platform.

UX/UI Design

We analyzed how the system had to work for the end-user to understand exactly why particular buttons or links were needed, how the system worked, how the end-user had to see it.


Our programmers chose the most optimal solution to achieve the goal – PHP technology. We thought over the whole project in advance. While coding, we did our best not to make any mistakes.


At this stage, we identified problems with the interaction of components and fixed them. Also at this stage, security, performance, resource leakage, and other points were tested.

02. Our Process

The work process began with the formation of an idea based on a brief from a client. Then we made a backlog of tasks and development methods. The third step was web design and the creation of illustrations. After this we began the development of the site itself, dealing with the deployment and testing at this stage. Product support was the final step of creating a website.

03. Website Experience

The following are the ones defined for our educational system:

1 Localization. The system is extensible to different languages.

2 Security. The system provides security measures to prevent unauthorized or non-authenticated users and external systems to execute actions for which they do not have permission.

3 Privacy and confidentiality. The system ensures the privacy and confidentiality of the managed data.

4 Fault tolerance. The system is robust enough to manage unexpected exceptions.

5 Portability. The system is compatible with different platforms and devices.

6 Flexibility. The system easily tolerates changes.

7 Scalability. The system is efficient enough to support a large community of users.

8 Maintainability. The system is easy to maintain.

04. Mobile Experience

With the app, users can study wherever they may be. The app is user-friendly and customizable. The educational platform is available in the App Store and Play Market.

The architecture of the application allows developers to create exclusive and useful features with intuitive navigation.

05. Result

New technologies hold enormous promise to transform education and raise outcomes. Out educational platform can reveal which educational content is most effective and whether that varies by student characteristics and learning contexts. Armed with this information, we can provide teachers and their students with the very best educational technology available, target the right content to the right student at the right time, and encourage effective innovation.

Client: NDA
Date: 2020 – 09 – 12
Services: Web design, UX/UI, Web Development, Testing

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